Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Segmen Pka Rahim : Feberet Color

Holla , setelah bermandi peluh menyiapkan esei untuk contest ---> KAMIL KAHAR ,

Tetiba terbaca komen dari seorang blogger lain , yg tag
Adah ke contest yg die join :D

Bila Adah tengok contest tuh , adah mula berpikir :
nak join , tak join , nak join , tak join !

So keputusan nye NAK JOIN ! yahooo . Haa ?
Korang nak join jugak ? 
Like usual , just click at the banner above . 
TQVM :))

What is my Favourite Color ?

Look at my blog . what kind of colors you can see ? More pink color right ? So as conclusion , I love pink . Don't ask me why . because I just can give a simple answer . Pink is peaceful color and shows the desire for love.  May be most of you will said BLUE is more peaceful right ? Diff people have their own diff opinion . 

Now , little bit info about the pink color . What I know , pink is symbol of love and compassion . Pink also related with kindness . And lebih terang dan terbukti , I am loving person . hoho :O
Do not believe ? Its okey . hehe .

And FYI , when I look at the pink color , I felt more calming and soothing , and it is good for relaxation and emotional when I'm in stress situation or when I'm in sadness .  ^^,

So that's all for this contest . TQVM for the owner contest , miss PKA RAHIM . i Love your contest :))

Sekian , dari Adah . Adah tag Zaty  !

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge


Pka Rahim said... [Reply to comment]

tq sudi join segmen pka :)

Nurul Syuhadah said... [Reply to comment]

You're welcome :))

Adah join sb adh suke contest pka .

Pka Rahim said... [Reply to comment]


senarai nama untuk segmen ni dah dikeluarkan.


tq :)

waniey20~ said... [Reply to comment]

Jalan Jalun :)

done Follow u , hit me Back yup !

dari segmen Yg sama :)
btw , cute header . like !


Pecinta pink^^ said... [Reply to comment]

salam saya singgah bw dri segmen same.salam knalann ye .saya suke pink..hikhik .jmput sggah ke .maseh^_^ http://akmaluv90.blogspot.com/2012/04/segmen-pka-rahim-feberet-color.html

rAIHan said... [Reply to comment]

singgah n follow sini..
salam kenal ye..

jemput singgah n follow blog raihan ye..=)


Nurul Syuhadah said... [Reply to comment]

pencinta pink and raihan : thank you :) i'll hit you back . and BW kat sne . hehe