Thursday, February 28, 2013


Good Night, everyone :)

Have a blessing today. Alhamdulillah . 

2days more before I be part of Malacca citizens. hihi. 

A tiring day today. 

Woke up in the Morning, then doing housework as usual. 

Then going to taking picture and check up. 

Visiting kindy for awhile . 

And you know what, I just read one post from Zahen's mother. 

I took it as one appreciation from Zahen's parent as I was a teacher at 

kindy, Smart Soleh Puchong.

Honest from me, I didn't expect in getting this kind of appreciation as I'm new in these field.

I just graduated from Diploma in Office Management, and doing part time job as a teacher for 
4 Month, and now struggling in continue my study for degree. 

So this appreciation is something AWESOME for me. 

Actually, Zahen's mother inspiring me to be a successful woman, a good wife and mother one day. 

I don't think this is OVER from me, if I said that I'm starting to admiring Zahen's mother. 

I want be like her. 

My first impression when I saw Zahen's mother for the first time, 

I just said in my heart "Ouhhh, she's so amazing" :)

I can't tell you by word why I'm so respect and marvel her, because when you see 

by yourself, then you will know what I mean it :)

Okay, below is the word from Zahen's mother about me and teachers at Smart Soleh :

I went to pick up the kids from kindy yesterday evening when Teacher MiZs Einacame to me telling me that our Zahen went down with tears missing her teacherNurul Syuhadah Ariadi who is no longer a teacher there as she will be doing her degree. Kids dont lie & express their feelings when they want to. Therefore, we would like to thank teacher Adah & the rest of the teachers at Smart Soleh Puchong for taking good care of the kids. The kids know you all are very sincere in taking care & loving them. Thank you a million Adah!

Zahen with her dad and doing her first homework ^^,

Zahen's sibling, from left Zahen, Naufal and Ubai :)

Wish for Zahen : Teacher heart you so much, Zahen . I just dream about you after 2days I no longer working over there. You know what, you're so cute, and sangat manja . Without you, my day not cheerful like before. I miss you so much, Zahen. Teacher promise will keep in touch with your mother for YOU ! :) Please be a good student, and solehah's daughter. Me LOVE you, Nur Zahen Y__Y

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Haiiiii !! ^^,

2nd holiday or 2nd day at home and do housework as before :)

Ehh, dear ! Forgot something you know, I didn't list any items that need to buy tomorrow. 

How can I forgot it ?

Its okay laa. I done fill up all the form. 

Done packing all clothes using 2 BIG BAG you know. hihihi . 

Alhamdulillah , Allah blessing me and now I going well and feel better than yesterday. 

No more headache, no more fever, no more flu. 

Just little bit cough. But its okay, all is well soon :)

Okay, below is my listing for my necessary over there (Malacca).

So its just to be a reminder for me . 


1.  Shokubutsu (Refreshing Blossom)
2.  Colgate @ Fresh and White
3.  The Rice Soap 
4.  Garnier Pure Active (Toner)
5.  Putri Binari Lulur Scrub (Susu Beras)
6.  Sumber Ayu Daun Sirih (Orchid)
7.  Miyami Compact Powder
8.  Perfume Enchanteur 
9.  Lotion Enchanteur
10. Body powder Enchanteur
11.  Himalaya Peel of Mask


1.  Tracksuit (2)
2.  Pyjamas
3.  T-shirt (2)
4.  Scarf
5. My private clothes (HAHAHAAH)


1.  Shoes (formal shoes)
2. Sandal 
3.  Sport shoes


1. Set pen (blue, red , black) ~Ball pen
2.  Pencil Case ~sewing by self :)
3.  A4 Paper
4.  Diary book (WAJIB) heeee
5.  Liquid Paper. 
6. Set of Highlight
I think thats all for today. May be I've to add something. 
But I didn't sure what is it ?
Okayy, END for this Afternoon's Entry. 
We continue tonight , In sha Allah :)
Assalamualaikum :)

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hye. Late entry againnn . Sorry :(

Let my finger dance with their music and typing what comes from my mind. 

There have alot story here, **showing my head. 

Person next to you easy to judge who're you, how bad you're and then describe your personality.

It began from only one mistakes from you, then it will become worst and destroy 

everything you'd on that time.

But I respect a person who can discuss and brainstorming with others to find

the absolutely solution for each problem .

I just wonder what will happen for my degree ?

I've to facing with assignment and test again. 

Mean I've to make friends AGAIN like the first time I be a student in UiTM Jengka.

Then works as a group members, doing everything together, discuss about the task, 

paper presentation and any else. 

The problem now, did I've to be part of them ? Or they should be part of me ?

It's about understanding's matter !

I can't go through with person who play too much and less serious when doing his/her work.

Honestly, I'm discipline person. 

Do my work on time, going to class early, and just enjoying my day on Saturday. 

I don't love in watching movie or any else. 

I'm not interesting with Korean movie or singer. 

I'm not the person who love hang out every week during study. 

That is NOT me. 

I won't be like others. and I just hope I'll be myself until completing my degree :')

Pray hard for my brighter future. :')

I wanna be a successful woman , a solehah's daughter and a good wife for future husband. 

I hope I can ^^,

In sha Allah.

 me and my bro *my idol in study. 

I can't be like him. A good brother, son and the best student since standard school . ^^,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge


Holla , everyone :)

Such a beautiful night, today . 

Firstly, I'm in mood sadness and unhappy tonight. 

Really feel lost of something. I don't know what is that.

Okay, let story. Today is my last day, working here and used a tittle of teacher. 

No more after this. And may missing all of the moment as worked here for 4month.

I not expecting that they'd planned a small party for me. 

Sangat terharu okay ? hehe. 

With a cute cake and bucket of KFC , its make me happy and sad at the same time. 

I love to be a teacher and take a look all the kids. 

I'm such a mom. Even for awhile, but the feeling as a mother is not easy to describe. 

Just hoping there have a chance to see my little prince and princess be a soleh and solehah's

son and daughter :')

Please pray for your teacher who furthering her study for the brighter life soon :)

Thank you . T__T

Some pict for you all :')

*** Comment from Zahen's mom about me : "Adah, you r absolutely a great teacher & mother to the kids. Allah knows best. Opportunity to gain knowledge doesnt come to us often & easy. Go for it! You will be in the hearts of the kids always; zahen's for sure  she constantly telling me before she went to sleep that teacher adah is no longer at school bcos teacher g belajar  keep in touch ya. p/s jgn lupa cuba resepi sebelum pegi. bg komen sedap je idak ye."

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Hai, selamat petang :) Semoga semua baik-2 jer kan ? Alhamdulillah, hari ni hari ke 4 selepas kejadian itu berlaku. Adah dah boleh keluar bilik dah, dah mula nak makan . yeayyy ! ~positve respond from me. 

Alhamdulillah . Rakan-2 dan si dia banyak bg support. Kemurungan pun dah berkurang. Hari ni siap makan spagheti lagi kawww ! bukan main happy lagi. hehe . 

Niat untuk tangguhkan study tuh, masih bermain-2 difikiran. Org tak lalui apa yg Adah rasa. Adah sanggup kehilangan segala kebendaan. Tapi bukan peluang untuk sambung study ni. Adah bersusah dari kecil , sebab dah penat org pandang rendah pd Adah. Waktu sekolah rendah, org banding-2 kan Adah yg bodoh ni dgn org yg pandai. Malu bukan kepalang. Tapi adah sabar. 

Ingat lagi, nak tuisyen, ibu dan abah tak mampu. Mana nak tanggung nenek dan atuk lagi, adik beradik ramai, sewa umah dan bulanan kereta. Tapi itu tak putus kan semangat adah nak belajar. nak tunjuk kat saudara mara dekat kampung tuh, "sy NURUL SYUHADAH BINTI ARIADI boleh berjaya walaupun sy tak pergi tuisyen, walaupun sy tak pandai ". hmm. So kalau boleh adah tak nak lepaskan peluang kali ni. 
Adah dah target nak buat degree betul2, nak grade dgn 1st class. sebab adah nak terus buat PHD lepas tuh. 

Ya Allah, tinggi kan impian adah. tak tahu ia akan terlaksana atau tak . Pernah satu hari tuh adah cakap kat si dia "Selagi sy tak dapat cpai apa yg sy nak, selagi tuh sy tak nak kahwin" . hehehehe. Mesti kecik hati dia kan ? hehe . Tp betul, adah TERLALU fikirkan masa depan. Adah takut adah tak ada kerjaya satu hari nanti.  Cukup la kesusahan yg adah alami before ni. It were helped me to be strong like today. 

Hurmm, isu sambung study tuh, biarlah dulu. Adah dalam proses memikirkan. Adah tak nak hati terguris dah. Sakit taw. Y___Y Tengok, kan dah nangis balik . huhuhu. Jgn laaa. Ina tak ada kat sisi Adah ni. So sape nak pujuk ? T___T

Then about persahabatan. 

Ini pun isu senssetive yg mudah sangat gugurkan airmata nie. Kalau Adah nak bersahabat dgn seseorang, Adah ikhlas. Tak simpan niat buruk. Sungguh ! Memang tak ada . Cuma org susah nak paham Adah . 

Waktu zaman sekolah, memang langsung tak ada masalah dalam berkawan. Everything okay laa. Dorang ckp adah ni manja. kawan yg manja sgt. hehe. smpai adah lagi suka duduk atas riba kawan2 adah, daripada duduk atas kerusi kosong. SEE ? Manjakan ? hehehe . Adah susah dulu pn, dorang gak yg tolong. 

Then bila naik zaman U , mencabar sgt bila nak carik kawan. Adah ni terus terang bukan TERLALU SOSIAL. So perlu laa  berhati-2 mencari kawan. Then glad sangat sebab kawan2 kat sana pun lebih kurang adah. hehe. balik kelas jer buat assignment, then revision sikit, baru tidur. Hari-2 macam tuh. Unless kalau assingment tak ada , kami tengok MOVIE ramai-2. Memang syok. 

Cuma waktu zaman U tuh, ada salah paham sikit. But everything okay. ^^, salah faham tuh wat adah lebih matang hari ni. So now bila dah habis diploma, dah balik puchong , bila jumpa kawan-2 , dorang cakap adah nampak matang sikit, sebab dah tak manja macam zaman sekola tuh. See ! Ade perubahan tuh :))

Tapi tuh laa kan, susah kita nak memahami seseorang tuh. Ada yg pandang hina pada kita. ada yg pandang keburukan kita. Tak salah pandang keburukan Adah, adah tahu setiap manusia ade kburukan, TAPI , tak kan keburukan itu MENUTUP semua kebaikan yg adah dah buat ??? hmm?? 

"Seperti tarik rambut dlm tepung. rambut jgn putus, tepung jgn berselerak :) *Muhasabah diri. Jgn berfikiran ngatif ;)"

Assalamualaikum :')

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge


Hai, dearest ^^,

hehe, saje nak tunjuk smiling kita kat awok semua . HAHA

Sambil tunggu si dia habis main futsal, Adah nak laa coret something kat sini. 

Ehhh? Pasal hati lagi?

Adah ni suka update pasal hati kan ? hehe.

Sebab hati adah ni rapuh sgt taw !

Mudah tersentuh, mudah terasa, mudah terguris, mudah terhiris dan mudah terluka. 

Ya Allah, begitu rapuh nye hati Adah. 

Cuba bayangkan bila musibah menimpa ?

My weakness when I've to face with all the trouble things in my life. 

I'm not a strong women actually. 

Because my heart is too weak in accepting all of this. 

Memang lah pada zahirnya Adah nampak bersahaja , 

tapi apa yg terbuku tuh, hanya Allah jer yg tahu. 

Sekarang apa yg Adah nak cuba terapkan dalam diri Adah ,


Maksud prasangka di situ, mudah fikir kan negative laa. 

Alaa, Adah ni perempuan. jiwa yg halus, mudah sgt tersentuh, mudah sgt rasa

yg bermacam-2 perasaan yg negative. 

Bermula daripada hati adah laa. 

Akal adah masih boleh berfikir. 

Tapi hati ni kuat sangat meragui dan cuba tidak meyakinkan apa kata Akal. 

ERkk ==' faham ke ?

Mesti tak paham kan ? hehehe . 

Tak pe laa, kesimpulannya pada hari ini , 

Jaga HATI kita. jgn biarkan walau setitik hitam menempah tempat di hati kita. 

Kelak takut titik hitam itu merebak menjadi lubang yg besar dan merosakkan hati. 

Maka lahirlah perkara-2 negative yg bakal kita lakukan. 

Semoga lepas ini Adah lebih berhati-2 dalam menduga soal Hati ^^,

Sekian, Assalamualaikum. 

**p/s : Ku akui kelemahan ku, kesilapan ku, kesalahan ku, tapi apa yg telah berlaku tidak boleh diputar kembali. Tidak sesekali aku menyesal mengenali mereka. Sahabat itu selamanya, walau aku dipandang hina ^^,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hai , semua ^^, 

Lama tak dengar citer kan ? entry before ni adah dah taip a month ago, cume tak publish jer. 

Now baru adah nak menulis entry baru. this is about 2weeks ago, vacation with BFF at Ipoh, Perak . 

You know what, I'm so excited when they're decided to choose Ipoh as our vacation's location. 

Why why why ? It because , giving me chance met my love , my sweetheart. hihi. 

Okay laa, nak di jadikan cerita, vacation kali ni dijoin'i oleh 5 org include me, kina, ina, iqa and azi. 

Kitorang bertolak dari Puchong hari Jumaat malam, lepas balik kerja. Around 10:30 pm and arrived there around 12:30 am. Telah disambut my chenta hati. 

Thanks la pada si dia dan Eman sebab tolong amikkan kunci Homestay kami. huhu. Dah sampai pun tengah malam, so perut masing-2 kebulur. So ktorang pun pergi laa isikan perut yg kosong itu kan ? hee. 

K laa, Adah tunjuk gambar dan jalan cerita kami selama 3 hari 2 malam di sana ^^,

Ni time malam tuh. Punye laa excited sampai tak nak tidur aw. hehe. 

Sanggup buka mata besar2 , tak sabar nak smpai. hee

Then pg tuh kami pi sini, the LWOT . Tp malangnye selepas beli tiket,

baru kami tahu yg nak masuk sini kena pakai " legging" .

Eh,, giler ke ? Mana boleh .kami kan MUSLIMAH . hihihi ^^,

So dgn kekalutan time tuh, kami dapat la idea utk jual balik tiket tuh. 

Nasib baik ade akak ni nak beli aw. 

So tak de laa kami rugi . yeayyyy .

*actually disappointed giler kau ! ~____~''

So bila dah tak jadi tuh, alang2 dah sampai kan , kami pun

snap2 laa dulu. Posing-2 sakan . 

So terhasil laa gambar2 di bawa nie ;)

Ini Ina ^^,

My BFF , dari kiri Ina, Kina and me . 

*bila tiga dara berposing, haaa amik !

Okey, dari kiri Azi, Eqa, Ina and Kina.

Yeayyy , HOT SPRINGS , konon nak masuk. tapi hampehhh =='

Yeayyy, 5 of Us ^^,

Nampak tak kemanjaan I tuh? hehe.

Okey, so lepas tuh kami pi la jalan2 sehingga penat. Then beli brg2 untuk 

BBQ kat Mydin :)

Okey, ini gamba Aiman . Ceyhh, kami suh tangkap gmbar kami, dia
pulak yg lelebih. haha

Ni pulak gambar kami time bbq . Muka semua tak fresh kan ? muke penat kipas arang aw !

Yg lelaki-2 tuh dtg lepas dah siap semua jer. cisss !

Nampak tak disitu muka excited dpt makan ayam ? hahaha

Lepas habis bbq, kami pi gerbang malam. Sonok jugak la kan . I jalan2

dgn si dia jer. Sambil cuci2 mata . 

Esok nya pula hari terakhir kami di Ipoh. Time ni lagi seronok woo. 

Ade Wahida ! Yeayyyy ! Rindu dye awww T__T

Nasib baik hari Ahad tuh dia balik Ipoh pagi2. so dapat laa hang out dgn dia . 

So dia, eman (bf wida) , dan Din (si dia) bawak lah kami 

pi jalana-2 , makan mee kicap . 

Then gi Taman Botani ^^,

Ni laa wida dan Aiman . Ingat lagi time 1st date dulu , dorang duduk kat jongkang jongkit yg sama ni laaa.

Then suruh adah tgkap gmbar sape lagi berat ?

Gambar yg dulu tuh yg ini. 

hehe. still sama kan ? Eman lagi berat dr wida . huhu . 

*sila terima hakikat !

Okey, sambung balik gambar kami :D

Suka gambar ni. macam sweet jer kan ? HAHAHA

Okey, dah habis lepak kat Taman Botani , kami dah pun makan Laksa yg beli 
kat Polo, then kami pun pulang laa ke homestay . 

Lepas solat maghrib, dah kemas barang2 semua , wida bawak kami pi pasar malam
Simpang Pulai. 

Mak aiii ! Kami shopping kaw2 okay ?

Sungguh ! Skirt, peplum, palazzo semua RM20 . 

Rambang mata woo. Warna pun banyak sgt pilihan . heee. 

Tapi adah beli tudung 2 layer jer. 

Dah habis shopping, kami pi makan jap. 

kat Limau Bali. 

Gambar terakhir before berpisah Y__Y

Yeayy , THE END !

Sebenarnya banyak sgt gmbar aw . tp macam MUSTAHIL pulak nak masukkan SEMUA =__=

So yg ador ni jer laa yg Adah masukkan ye ?

Selamat mencuci mata . 

Thanks reading .

*mmuahh sikit :-*

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge