Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rezeki from Allah , Syukran :)

#Attention please , this picture tak relate langsong with my topic , okey ? :D

Selamat bertemu di alam maya :)

First of all , I would say Thank you for my beloved frenz because ask me to joined 
her business online . And now , I'm starting with promotions .

If all of you wanna know more details about it , you all can click at the page above , 
which shows "Nurul Bawal Collections" .
And you will getting know what kind of business that I'm joined . 
Thank you . :)

Lately , little bit busy . Not just because of my business online . 
But also with reservation for the cupcakes and Apam . 
You know , tomorrow will be a busy day for me . 

I need to complete all order for cupcakes and Apam . 
Which the total amount around 50 cupcakes and
225 Apam . :D

Alhamdulillah , Allah give me a chance to learn how difficult to 
get a money . Because Allah want me to be independent . 

Even I'm not get enough rest , but it doesn't mean the things that 
I'm doing now are wasting . Maybe it we call as "Dugaan" . 
If all the things are easy , when people will learn the difficult stage on his/her life ?

We need to starting from below , like in business or organization .
We starting from bottom , until we achieve to the top level management . 

Upss , sory ! I'm nagging too much right ?
HAHA . I'm just happy with what I have now . 
And InsyaAllah , soon I'll starting with part time job at Carefour 
near with my house :)

Pray for me . :))
Hope everything will run smoothly .
InsyaAllah . 

Wassalam . Thanks for reading :))

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge