Saturday, March 30, 2013


Holla ! :)

Thanks for visiting me again. 

Ceyhh ==' classical statement ! huhu

Btw, let I story about my cute little sister, Nurul Syafiqah Alisya, or

we call she as KAk Chik. 

You know my dear, Kak Chik now become talkative and brilliant kid in deliver her words by words. 

She's only 5 years old, but thinking like adults.

I'll get heart attack when I heard her statement !

Okay, let I begin with message from my mom this evening. 

Around 6 o'clock, I received a massage from Ibu, and 

she ask me for giving Kak Farah's phone number. 

Kak Farah is my brother's girlfriend. 

Then I was asked Ibu the reason she want the phone number ?

but no reply message from Ibu and without waiting for a long time, 

I call Ibu immediately. 

And then , Ibu told me a surprising story about My brother, Kak Farah and Kak Chik. 

Read this conversation carefully and patiently , okay ? :)

Kak Chik : Ibu, kesian Abg (My brother). Kak Farah dah tak sayang abg. Kak Farah dah tak nak kat abg. 

Ibu: Haaa ? Betul ke ? Kenapa pulak Kak Farah tak nak kat abg?

Kak Chik: Sebab kak Farah marah abg. KAk Farah tak suka dekat Abg. 

And Ibu terus getting her phone and text me for that phone number.

Then, I direct call my brother ask himself for Kak Farah's phone number. 

And he didn't notice anything. 

After I pass the number to Ibu, Ibu pun call laa kak Farah :D

hihihihi, then, what Kak Chik told Ibu just now its true. 

But tak ada lah sampai Kak Farah and Abg tuh gaduh besar. 

Just facing with little bit misunderstanding. 

But the point now, how Kak Chik know the story about Abg and Kak Farah ?

Haaa,let read the conversation between me and Kak Chik

ME : Hi, Kak Chik. Buat apa tuh?

KAk Chik : (Dgn gelojohnya) KAkak besar, Kak Farah dah tak suka kat Abg. Betul ! 

ME:  (laughing non stop) Ehh, mana kak chik tahu ??

Kak Chik: Semalam kak Chik teman Abg beli tisu , pastuh abg cerita la kat kak Chik. 

ME:  (laughing again) So kak Farah and Abg dan putus la ye ?

KAk Chik : BUKAN LAA ! (dgn nada tegas). Abg dgn Kak Farah mana ada PUTUS TUNANG (hahahahah, tetiba dia cakap pasal tunang)  Kak Farah tak suka abg jer laa. Eeee, kakak besar ni. tak faham faham. (I pulak yg kena marah)

ME : HAHAHA, apa pulak ! KAkak tanya jer laa. KAk chik ni sibuk jer jaga tepi kain orang. 
Macam-2 lah kak chik ni. 

Kak Chik : Betul laaa . tak caya tanya abg ! K la, bye.

HAHAHAH. Okay, its totally funny for me. 

You know, My brother memang silap pilih org laa when he told Kak Chik about that. 

Now, the whole family know about that. 

Kak Chik, you're reporter right now. 

Giving us so many fresh information. 

Seriously, I miss her so much !

This picture taken 2 years ago . HAHAH

Okay, morale of the story : Don't and NEVER tell Kak Chik about your secret. She will reveal it one by one without rasa bersalah ! hahahah

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi, everyone ! :) 

*kissing your cheek. 

Its long time period I didn't writing some important things happen in my day. 

Damnn ! So busy with this week and the next coming weeks. 

Btw, I just stole my little bit time to spend here to share something with you guys. 

As you notice, last Tuesday is my birthday for 21 years old. 

See, I'm getting a big and matured girl *kononnya!


There have nothing special about that day. 

Just I become older and there have so many wishes comes from all of my friends. 

Thank you so muchhh ! :)

I'm really appreciate every single wishes from you guys. so many Du'a for me. 

Alhamdulillah, May Allah reply all the kindness to all of you. 

First of all, Early in the morning during that day, I got special wishes from my lovely parents. 

You know, every single words I read out from that massage really make me touched!

And for the whole night, I just crying and can't sleep with "lena".

You know what, when we celebrated our special day with no family or your important person 

staying beside you, that is not happy okay ? :(

You're feel lonely. No fresh wishes from your siblings. and No sakat menyakat from your aunty and uncle.

I just miss that moment so much ! Its 3 years already I'm celebrate my day far away from THEM .

Thats the reason why during my birthday, I went down my tears till Subuh. 

Then, thanks for my new classmate, sing a happy birthday's song for me. 

and some of my friends sending gift direct to my house (Puchong). 

And you know what, I'm getting excited to going back just to see my present. hehehe. 

But I've to wait a month more. Y____Y

Then today I was surprised when I received a call from my mom this evening. 

She's told me that she'd planned to bring me to vacation at Cameron Highlands. 

You know, I really terharu because before this I have asking her to take a leave and bring me to there. 

Because I never going there when I grow up. 

And my mom said " Nanti laa dulu, ibu and abah kerja, susah nak amik cuti"

And its okay for me, I can wait till the time coming. 

That is why yesterday, when I was sign in facebook, my aunty told me that my mom giving me present 

to going holiday to CH. And I did't believe on her. 

Maybe she just cheating on me because she's know that I will really excited if my dream comes true. 

I know, maybe all of you had went to CH for so many times. You know why my family don't want bring me 

to CH ? It just because of the WAY or road lead up to there.

I'm "MABUK" person where can't go anywhere by car or by bus for a trip or travel that take 

more than 3 hours to arrive there.

Yes, that is me, sampai my mom warning me just now to take "Ubat Mabuk or Tidur" before we 

go there. 

HAHA, and I've to prepare plastic bag to cover my Muntah. euwww !

It so disgusting okay. hehe

Okay laa, end up this story tonight. 

Before that, thanks to my MOOD, because being nice to me. 

and give me chance to smile again and feel like there have NO burden disturbing me on this time. 


Thank you. 

See you all again. 

Assalamualaikum and Good Night :)

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hi, short entry. 

Because I'm not really in mood today :")

I miss so much my family. hmm Y___Y

Today is 26 March , means I am officially 21 years old :)

So happy birthday to me. 

I'm live for 21 years since 1992 - 2013 :')

Hope Allah blessing me in what ever I'm doing. 

In sha Allah. 

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Friday, March 22, 2013


Ehem ehem. hai ! ^^,

Good Evening, dearesttt ! :)

The happy day today. 

No class in the morning and no heavy assignment yet. 

So me and the rest housemate decided to hanging out to release our this week's stress. 

We're going to Jusco Melaka. 

Ehh, ofcoz Melacca, tak kan KL pulak. kan ? hhihi. 

We're watching movie, "THE CALL" . 

Seriously, I LOVE that movie. 

Even, I close my eyes for a few scene. hehehe. 

I'm the person who can't watching scary movie or we call action movies with fully blood. 

The horror movie actually will make my body weak . 

Horror that I mean above actually is not the Ghost movie okay ?

I mean the bloody movie. hehehehe. 

Okay laa. Let's enjoy with a few picture's today. 

Okay, the END. thanks spending your precious time :)

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Hi, dearest. 

How're you today ? Everyone good ? 

Anyone feeling unhappy today ? :)

Alhamdulillah, today I'm so happy. 

Around 4:00 pm, me and family going out to Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. 

I know that was not surprise, coz I already informed that they wanna buy me a lappy.

But did not expect I got this brand of lappy with the price more than 2K. 

Now I've two lappy. Compaq and Dell, with limited edition and color :)

But the Compaq one will leaving me soon :(

Someone asking to buy that lappy. 

Sayang wooo !!

But I've to sell it. I can't pass to my both brothers. 

Both them already have their own smart phone and Samsung Tab. 

and I can't use two lappy at the same time. 

So I decided to give this lappy to my mom's friend. 

Btw, Trillion thanks to Ibu and Abah coz bought me this lappy as befday's gift soon. 

LAst year Samsung Ace, and this year Dell. 

Thank youuu :) 

And Abah ask me to study hard and smart. Be a brilliant and smart student and daughter :) 
In sha Allah, abah . I'll try my best .

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Holla, my dear :)

Thanks coz come again visit me. 

You're so sweet and nice. 

Be a good readers okay ? Don't judge the writer by her personalities.

But judge her by the content of the writing :)

Even at "Teratak Adah" did not provide so many useful information, but atleast

you can enjoy in term of the way I'm sending the message. 

I'm talkative but not sweet talker okay ! :D

My point of view, persons who're talkative actually are honest people.

Eh? Betul ke? ~Did not believe on me ?

Sometime people expect or thinking of talkative person are "lidah bercabang" actually. 

But if you notice, people that we assume as silent people or in Malay we pointed them as "Pendiam", 

the reality they're more dangerous and should be aware with them. 

Malay said "Diam-diam ubi berisi". :)

The talkative person talking the truth. Even some part they were hurt some people, 

especially the close one with them, but they're honest in sending their opinion about us. 

Experienced : I've one friend. She's so close with me. Sometime I'm getting hurt with the words come out from her mouth. 

But when I'm thinking back, what she's said are truth in some part. That is the way talkative persons

advising people around them. 

But for silent's person. You'll never thought that person that we think as the good listener, 

(silent person is always thought as good listener)

actually they're reveal your secret, talking bad things in your back, cheating behind you, 

comparing you with others (for the -ve side) , and stole your RIGHT and admit that is belong to him/her.

Can you imagine , how clever they're as an actor playing their role ?

I'm writing in randomly. I'm not pointing to anyone who read this entry. 

It just my experience and point of view. It depends on our perspective. 

How we judging people are different. and most importantly, don't ever you judge people before you

investigate. And don't simply talking and writing without experience. 

Because when you just write and talk but you never felt that kind of situation, it such you

accused that person. 

You get it ? :)

So beware on talking, beware on advising and beware on make bonding. 

"Rambut sama hitam, tapi hati lain-2" :)

Good Night :)

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Friday, March 15, 2013


Good Morning everyone :)

Morning's entry for today. No Finance class this morning. 

Had cancel by Madam Minie. (Cute name for her)

But I've one more online class, for Marketing's subject. Damn. 

That why I can't take the Morning's bus to going back home :(

By the way, let's we talk about the tittle above .

Success or Failure. 

You choose one from both. of course majority will choosing success, right?

Who wanna be a failure's person?

But the different among all of us are the way we become success and the reason we be a failure's person.

It so easy to going down, but it's hard to stay at the top. 

Sometimes we think that we're extreme better than other persons.

We refused other's opinion or suggestion, we cutting of what their talking about, 

you look them "Sinis", this is because you feel too comfortable with yourself. 

You judging yourself in goodness at all. 

On your mind, other's opinion are always wrong and never be true. 

Remember one !

Our life seems like a circle. We can't stay at one level only. We don't have an angle to stop us from 

one destination to another destination. 

We will continuously move , that were make sometime we standing at top, but sometime

without realise we're actually going down. 

People who be a success usually comes from a failure's person.

They're trying hard to changes their life and improve their self. 

These persons were never give up on trying until they feel comfortable, at the same time

they're not too proud with their achievement, instead they're frequently motivate themselves 

and help others to be like them. 

BUT , for me. The failure persons are NOT the unlucky persons. 

But they're lack on trying, or people who always satisfied with their life and refused to 

compete with others. 

You've to know, now we're in the globalization era. 

There have so many challenges waiting us infront there. 

You cannot stay and always missed at the back, you should move on forward, a line with others. 

You've to play with the SPEED.

Speed in learning process, speed on thinking, speed on moving, and speed on action. 

If you LATE, you will be always "mundur". 

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Good Morning, bloggerians :D

Mood today :

NO Assignment for the first weekend .

then there have no new movie to watch. 

So it means no FUN, 

and there have no BF here, 


and the most important things, no NOVEL to read

And if these things continuously happen for every weekend, I'll be crazy !!

huhu. Nothing to do. 

K thanks spending your time :)

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Friday, March 1, 2013


Hye hye hye !! 

Holla , handsome boys and pretty girls ^^,

Hope everyone happy and thanks for read this entry yg tak berapa nak meletuppp! 


Ehh, forgot !

Assalamualaikum, MARCH :))

I'm waiting for you, since 11 months ago. 

Now you come again and bringing me to one new journey in my life. 

This year March, I be a student again. and now, I hold a tittle

"Human Resource Management's student".

For readers who still didn't know about me, 

this 4 March coming, I'll doing my degree, 

Bachelor of Administration Management (HONS) Human Resource Management, 

and now I no longer in Office Management Faculty, but in Business Management Faculty. 

Alhamdulillah , All praise to Allah . 

One step forward in managing my day, my responsibility as a student.

It quite hard and is not easy for me as now I climb one more stairs in order to 

achieve one of my dream :)

I just wanna everything run smoothly and there have no BIG challenge waiting for me . 

In sha Allah.

 Allah S.W.T knows what the best for me. 


"Ya Allah, give me strength to facing with all the obstacle coming for my next journey. 
I can't standing there without your blessing, Ya Allah. and give me chance to achieve my target, to make
my family happy and proud with me. Rabbana Atina Fiddunya Hasanah Wafil'akhirati Hasanah, Waqina 'aza  bannar. Wasallahu 'ala saidina Muhammad, Wa'ala alihi wasahbihi wassalam. Walhamdulillahirabbil 'alamin"

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge