Tuesday, January 10, 2017

6 years LoveHateRelationship

02 January 2011 - 02 January 2017
6 Years #LoveHateRelationship between us.  

Maka dengan ini si dia putuskan untuk menamatkan teka teki.
In sha Allah, tahun 2017 selangkah maju dalam perhubungan. 

Dua keluarga bakal bertemu, 
Bunga ditaman dipetik orang, 
Sebentuk cincin mencari Tuan, 
Semoga semuanya berjalan seperti yang dirancang. 
Akan datang, 
July 2017.


A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Long Distance Relationship


2nd October 2016.

Equal to 5 years and 9 months.

From the day of your proposal to be my partner in crime, until now, I still and will love you forever.

You're my cool and very humble partner.
To be someone special for you, is unpredictable.

You're too perfect and too kind for me.
But to let u go for someone else, is also unacceptable.

In 'our story', it is only about you and me,
About dream and hope,
About planning and future,
Between us....only us.

Hold yr heart, keep your promise.
I'll be here, waiting for you.

Your girl,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge