Thursday, May 2, 2013


Selamat malam, 

Terpanggil untuk bercerita sedikit perihal diri sendiri. 

Maaf andai meluat, tak suka, benci or menyampah. 

Anda harus juga membaca nya . #For Stalker and Haters only

Since so many presumption that you created about me, 

so I give some explanation or we call as STATEMENT about myself.  

First , I'm not came from rich's family, with have alot of wealth and property . 

I just from a middle family, live with moderate lifestyle but Alhamdulillah, I'm happy

for what I have.

Second, I'm ordinary person. Not perfect and I'd do so many mistakes on my live. 

But I learned from my mistakes and try avoiding repeating similar mistakes. 

Third, I'm talkative and active person in filling my day with various activities.

BUT, I don't involving my friends or other person into my activities. 

I'm not backbiting my friends with story that I create by my own. 

Fourth, I just want to be myself.  It quite tough to standing by yourself alone, 

when no body can help you for each problem that you'd faced. 

BUT, I'm not a typical person who take it hard and make it become worst. 

Fifth, I'll not disturbing persons who does not care about me. 

I'm not disable.  I can't manage myself by own. I no need anyone to 

arrange my days and control my attitudes besides my parent.

Can you understand me ?

Please STOP doing stupidsssss things such like you're showed your dumb actions 

to others. 

Why you never getting tired on CARING about others?

Hey, Miss Berhormat !

We're Muslim, we're woman, students, and Muslimah. 

So please act like you such as that kind of person. 

Bring a good name of Muslimah and Women a line with your attitudes. 

Kita ada agama, kita ada adat, kita ada budaya. 

Jaga tingkah laku, jaga lah kata-2, jaga laa mata dan pandangan. 

Jgn mudah mengkritik, mengutuk, menyampaikan apa yg tak sepatutnya pd org lain. 

Allah itu Maha Besar, Maha Mengetahui, Maha Mendengar . 

Keadilan pasti berpihak pada yg benar,

Kemenangan pasti menjadi milik yg teraniaya . 


A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge