Saturday, December 22, 2012


Holla :)

Beautiful Saturday , Good Morning (11:18 a.m)
Alhamdulillah , 

more calmer than yesterday ,

more happy and bigger smile than yesterday (even tercedera kena Iron panas this morning)


Ouhh , sangat tak matang bila gosok baju b

oleh tergosok tangan sekali . 

haha . Adah adahhh . 

Ehh , gelak sudah ? =='

Nampak disitu my extra therapy running well . 

Put HIM as first, then you will get your peaceful day . 

Zikir is the best way to ensure you in well emotions. 

For those are not familiar with Zikir , 

don't be shy to start make one step closer to Allah S.W.T . 

The best medicine of anxiety is Zikir . 

Here are some Zikir's song for you check it out . 

I promise , you will falling love with these song . 

Most of this Zikir  from Hafiz Hamidun . 

When you in sadness, just listen to this Zikir . 

Besides Du'a , Zikir is should be one of our routine in daily life. 

Zikir comes from HIS words , 

how trouble you're , don't forget to Zikir .

In sha Allah , ALL IS WELL ^^,

Remember Allah always so that you insha-Allah meet Him (Allah) smiling at you on Judgment Day :)

Sharing is Caring ,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge