Sunday, December 23, 2012


Holla dear :))

Very exciting in getting my lappy today . 

CAn't wait to updating new story here . 

Actually, this evening I spending my time with my BFF . 

Sapa lagi kalau bukan Ina ;D hehe

How love I am with her . 

My day become cheerful when hanging out with bestie. 

Okay , short story !

I and Ina become crazy when we saw SALE everywhere we go . 

OMG !! 

Then we're checking wallet masing-2 . HAHA . 

So funny . 

Not yet receive my salary . But acting like I am Government worker . 

How stupid I am when facing with SALE !

~ngeee !

So as simple as I can buy is a cheapest one . 

Actually , I'm already doing listing before going out from home . 

and I've two things that I should buy today .

Which is suitable material to make a blanket . 

and watch !

Then time jalan-2, cuci mata tuh , I ternampak laa mamat handsome !

Ehemmm . menggataiii gitu . men jeling-2 pulak. 

Mujur hangout dgn Ina , bukan dgn EN. Hubby . hihihi . 

Lepas tuh I bought a ring !

NOT watch okay ?

But its Ring Watch . 

See !

It's super duper cute and look elegance . 

So without double and triple thinking , I bought it one  before I'm regret . 

Bukan apa , I ni memang cepat sgt sayang DUIT . HAHA 

Wanna see my new accessories ? 

yeahhh . that is ! Jam Cincin . sgt unik :D

Okay , then I beli laa kain utk buat blanket for my hubby . 

It's for our 2nd anniversary . 

So sweet ~puji diri sendiri . HAHA . 

So I choose two kind of fabric . One of that is Baldu (the black one) 

and 1 more is square shape design . 

What design I'll be sew is secret !

Wait and see , okay ? :D

Okay , enough for today . 

I need some rest for tomorrow . 

The lazy day of worker !

The end . 

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge