Sunday, December 16, 2012


Ouhh , hai ! Morning
Ehh , afternoon already ~__~
Yeayyyy , thumbs uppp , Adah !
Well done !
Greeting you with all congratz wishes !
For what ?
Yaaaa , thats for your SUNDAY WORKING DAY ! 
In case you take over my  place, 
you feel the same feeling with me . 
How could I let my precious day and time today for attend to "Kindergarten"?
Such a big problem there . 
One matter more , 
now I'm getting sick in missing my LOVE .
okay ~___~ this pic when I'm nagging him abt something . hihi
He's so busy busy and busy. 
But its okay , jangan mengeluh , ADah . 
SAyang kan? so please take it as challenging in relationship !
Berjauhan , merindui, itu satu kebiasaan actually. 
Without all that feeling can't make my relationship remains until now . 
Almost 2 years (months)
But 3 years already if I count by year :)
That is my happiness forever . 
Ehhh , lari topic pulak =..="
Actually, today I've planning so many activity in order to make sure
My birthday gift surprise running through what I planned before. 

But because of this lovely SUNDAY , I've to postpone 

everything to the next two weeks . 

Ouhh, damnnn ~`..`~

I can't enjoy my laziness and colorful sunday .

Today should be my HAPPY SUNDAY with my lovely bed . hihihi . 

Can't wait for 2:00 p.m. 

Ouhh my dear time ! 

Please hurry up !

Ouhh my dear clock . 

Please turn it to 2:00 pm =..=

And ouh my dear self ,

Please be more PATIENT person as well !!!

**Buruk benar perangai yg suka mengeluh ni !

haihhh . anak sapo laaa eden ni . ~lalalala . 

OFF ! Continue tonightt . 

Sekian , muka malas !

ni muka malas gi kelas sebenarnya , tapi nama  pon MALAS kan ? so same jer laa . hehe
Regards .

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge