Saturday, December 15, 2012


Hai, readers . 

Actually, the actual topic today is far away from above . 

Tonight, I wish to talk about my dream . 

But dunno why, the topic above comes to mind easily . 

How to be a good woman ?

Besides take care ourself as well ?

I am woman, and teenagers.
Its not easy to stop our desires , in enjoying our daily life with

what we liking for?

First of all, lets I start with protect !

Protect in term of body ? 

It is ?

NO ! 

Protect in term your heart too . 

Please please and please my dear . 

Please control yourself as well. 

Please thinking the risk before doing something stupid things . 

I'm not talking about others only , but talking to myself too. 

Maybe a good adviser is not me . but I just remind 

girls outside there to be prepared !

Prepare with all risk becomes happen. 

Our minds think , and the action react spontaneously.

So before lets body reacting an action, please thinking smoothly the risk. 

YA Allah , its too much wrong doing happen in life . 

Could I be a protector to all Muslim ?

May I?

It's beyond my ability , my power and beyond my competence. 

I'm not good enough person in advising someone else . 

But I be worried for them's future .

I can't ever stopping themselves beside their own way to stop their self by own. 

we're just ordinary person. 

We've weakness and strengthness. 

But how to show and control it is back to our normal way in

order to manage our behavior. 

Be a good woman, please . 

*my heart saying to self . 

Don't over expose and get involve  into social life outside there. 

There have alot of  overpass things.

So here, I begging you my dear readers. 

Especially to woman, please please and please ,

"Thinking first before doing something or make decision"

Answering of YES or NO comes out from your mouth will become 

 poison's words in bringing you to the wrong step !

So beware !

I leave readers with a few quotes . 

Not just read , but understand the mean for each words or sentences.

Wrote by , 

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge