Friday, March 16, 2012


Maaf ! tak tahu nak letak tittle ape dekat atas tuh . 
Nie coret coret kat sini pun tak tahu nak cakap pasal apa .
Tak tahu nak cerita apa .

Apa yang kita tahu ?
Emm , kita tahu nak nangis jer !
Arghhh ! damn it ! 

kita sedih ! kta takut. 
kenapa ? emm . kita takut tak dpt capai ape yg kita impikan .
Cover photo kat FACEBOOK tuh . 
Mesti korang tertanya kenapa letak gambar lelaki tuh ?
kenapa tak letak gambar lama dgn bf tuh ? 
kan ?

Hurmm , a man on that picture is my brother !
My competitor !
Ouhhh , no ! He is my good competitor .

mesti tnya kenapa jadikan dia as competitor ?
He is best student since primary , secondary school and until University . 
He got ANC !
What is ANC ??
-Anugerah Naib Canselor-

For those got straight DL during Diploma or Degree .
But me ?
Until now , I still can not achieve what I'm target for !
I'm looking for what ?
Waiting for what ?
Just one !
I'm looking for my ANC .
Worry about that . 
Do you think I can get that Award like what My brother got ?

It just a dreammm ~~
Yuppp , like you dream in a daytime !
But everyday , I work hard , study hard just to get same level with him .

Since UPSR , PMR , and SPM ,
He will be a winner !
Yup , winner in everytg he do !
me ?
Just GIGIT jari jer lorhhhh =___="

Now I'm facing with final exam . 
It's so scaryyy T.T
Please , tenangkan hati ini . 

#Tak semua yang kita impikan , kita akan capai . Kadang-kala kita perlu korbankan sesuatu untuk mencapai sesuatu yang lain .  -____-

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge


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Okey , dear . btw , thanx follow :)