Saturday, March 30, 2013


Holla ! :)

Thanks for visiting me again. 

Ceyhh ==' classical statement ! huhu

Btw, let I story about my cute little sister, Nurul Syafiqah Alisya, or

we call she as KAk Chik. 

You know my dear, Kak Chik now become talkative and brilliant kid in deliver her words by words. 

She's only 5 years old, but thinking like adults.

I'll get heart attack when I heard her statement !

Okay, let I begin with message from my mom this evening. 

Around 6 o'clock, I received a massage from Ibu, and 

she ask me for giving Kak Farah's phone number. 

Kak Farah is my brother's girlfriend. 

Then I was asked Ibu the reason she want the phone number ?

but no reply message from Ibu and without waiting for a long time, 

I call Ibu immediately. 

And then , Ibu told me a surprising story about My brother, Kak Farah and Kak Chik. 

Read this conversation carefully and patiently , okay ? :)

Kak Chik : Ibu, kesian Abg (My brother). Kak Farah dah tak sayang abg. Kak Farah dah tak nak kat abg. 

Ibu: Haaa ? Betul ke ? Kenapa pulak Kak Farah tak nak kat abg?

Kak Chik: Sebab kak Farah marah abg. KAk Farah tak suka dekat Abg. 

And Ibu terus getting her phone and text me for that phone number.

Then, I direct call my brother ask himself for Kak Farah's phone number. 

And he didn't notice anything. 

After I pass the number to Ibu, Ibu pun call laa kak Farah :D

hihihihi, then, what Kak Chik told Ibu just now its true. 

But tak ada lah sampai Kak Farah and Abg tuh gaduh besar. 

Just facing with little bit misunderstanding. 

But the point now, how Kak Chik know the story about Abg and Kak Farah ?

Haaa,let read the conversation between me and Kak Chik

ME : Hi, Kak Chik. Buat apa tuh?

KAk Chik : (Dgn gelojohnya) KAkak besar, Kak Farah dah tak suka kat Abg. Betul ! 

ME:  (laughing non stop) Ehh, mana kak chik tahu ??

Kak Chik: Semalam kak Chik teman Abg beli tisu , pastuh abg cerita la kat kak Chik. 

ME:  (laughing again) So kak Farah and Abg dan putus la ye ?

KAk Chik : BUKAN LAA ! (dgn nada tegas). Abg dgn Kak Farah mana ada PUTUS TUNANG (hahahahah, tetiba dia cakap pasal tunang)  Kak Farah tak suka abg jer laa. Eeee, kakak besar ni. tak faham faham. (I pulak yg kena marah)

ME : HAHAHA, apa pulak ! KAkak tanya jer laa. KAk chik ni sibuk jer jaga tepi kain orang. 
Macam-2 lah kak chik ni. 

Kak Chik : Betul laaa . tak caya tanya abg ! K la, bye.

HAHAHAH. Okay, its totally funny for me. 

You know, My brother memang silap pilih org laa when he told Kak Chik about that. 

Now, the whole family know about that. 

Kak Chik, you're reporter right now. 

Giving us so many fresh information. 

Seriously, I miss her so much !

This picture taken 2 years ago . HAHAH

Okay, morale of the story : Don't and NEVER tell Kak Chik about your secret. She will reveal it one by one without rasa bersalah ! hahahah

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