Saturday, March 16, 2013


Holla, my dear :)

Thanks coz come again visit me. 

You're so sweet and nice. 

Be a good readers okay ? Don't judge the writer by her personalities.

But judge her by the content of the writing :)

Even at "Teratak Adah" did not provide so many useful information, but atleast

you can enjoy in term of the way I'm sending the message. 

I'm talkative but not sweet talker okay ! :D

My point of view, persons who're talkative actually are honest people.

Eh? Betul ke? ~Did not believe on me ?

Sometime people expect or thinking of talkative person are "lidah bercabang" actually. 

But if you notice, people that we assume as silent people or in Malay we pointed them as "Pendiam", 

the reality they're more dangerous and should be aware with them. 

Malay said "Diam-diam ubi berisi". :)

The talkative person talking the truth. Even some part they were hurt some people, 

especially the close one with them, but they're honest in sending their opinion about us. 

Experienced : I've one friend. She's so close with me. Sometime I'm getting hurt with the words come out from her mouth. 

But when I'm thinking back, what she's said are truth in some part. That is the way talkative persons

advising people around them. 

But for silent's person. You'll never thought that person that we think as the good listener, 

(silent person is always thought as good listener)

actually they're reveal your secret, talking bad things in your back, cheating behind you, 

comparing you with others (for the -ve side) , and stole your RIGHT and admit that is belong to him/her.

Can you imagine , how clever they're as an actor playing their role ?

I'm writing in randomly. I'm not pointing to anyone who read this entry. 

It just my experience and point of view. It depends on our perspective. 

How we judging people are different. and most importantly, don't ever you judge people before you

investigate. And don't simply talking and writing without experience. 

Because when you just write and talk but you never felt that kind of situation, it such you

accused that person. 

You get it ? :)

So beware on talking, beware on advising and beware on make bonding. 

"Rambut sama hitam, tapi hati lain-2" :)

Good Night :)

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge