Friday, March 15, 2013


Good Morning everyone :)

Morning's entry for today. No Finance class this morning. 

Had cancel by Madam Minie. (Cute name for her)

But I've one more online class, for Marketing's subject. Damn. 

That why I can't take the Morning's bus to going back home :(

By the way, let's we talk about the tittle above .

Success or Failure. 

You choose one from both. of course majority will choosing success, right?

Who wanna be a failure's person?

But the different among all of us are the way we become success and the reason we be a failure's person.

It so easy to going down, but it's hard to stay at the top. 

Sometimes we think that we're extreme better than other persons.

We refused other's opinion or suggestion, we cutting of what their talking about, 

you look them "Sinis", this is because you feel too comfortable with yourself. 

You judging yourself in goodness at all. 

On your mind, other's opinion are always wrong and never be true. 

Remember one !

Our life seems like a circle. We can't stay at one level only. We don't have an angle to stop us from 

one destination to another destination. 

We will continuously move , that were make sometime we standing at top, but sometime

without realise we're actually going down. 

People who be a success usually comes from a failure's person.

They're trying hard to changes their life and improve their self. 

These persons were never give up on trying until they feel comfortable, at the same time

they're not too proud with their achievement, instead they're frequently motivate themselves 

and help others to be like them. 

BUT , for me. The failure persons are NOT the unlucky persons. 

But they're lack on trying, or people who always satisfied with their life and refused to 

compete with others. 

You've to know, now we're in the globalization era. 

There have so many challenges waiting us infront there. 

You cannot stay and always missed at the back, you should move on forward, a line with others. 

You've to play with the SPEED.

Speed in learning process, speed on thinking, speed on moving, and speed on action. 

If you LATE, you will be always "mundur". 

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge