Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hi ! 

People mostly like to judges others in term of attitudes, personality, attributes, 

and etc. 

They're keep finding the wrongness about somebody else and do 

evaluate non stop about that people. 

It's become normally and habit to certain individual or groups in judging 


I don't know how to classify this kind of persons. 

If we let them keep talking, it will become worst. 

Yaaa, sometime we've to ignoring them due to avoiding it become 

more bigger. 

But I'd asking myself , when people like this will stop talking about other ?

When Dunia nak kiamat ?

Or when persons that they're talked about DIE ?

Or when they're become mute persons?

It totally annoy me and overall, they're showed a bad 

perception about themselves. 

And there have NO RESPECT for this kind of group or individuals. 

Judge for the good things are allowed. 

But judge and spread to whole world about negative things, 

I don't think it is good attitude ^^,

We're given brain and minds to think, screening , and evaluate which is right and wrong. 

Throw away the wrong or negative things, and take it as learning and precious experiences

in shaping you to be more humanity in future.

At the same time, build a good relationship with others by showing 

the good attitudes and impression toward other persons. 

Dear, we become OLD. 

Life become too short. 

So don't wasting your time by critics others, but filling your time

with Amal dan sedekah. 

In sha Allah, 

Allah will bless you always. 

Trust me, clean your heart, remove all the

unsatisfied feeling . 

Then you will feel peace and never talking about others anymore. 

Sincerely advice from, 


A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge