Sunday, April 7, 2013


Headache from last night until today. 

Keep crying and crying. 

Why it so so so hard to me through this semester with happy feeling and sweet memories?

I just want my day being good and comfort with all the kinds of situation. 

It seems you're killing someone important for this world. 

You'd judged by people that never see his/her wrongdoing before this. 

We're totally ordinary person. 

Just don't because of your past , you've to accepted the KARMA for the whole your life. 

You're too typical person okay. 

Go on and keep talking about me. 

Allah evaluate your Dosa. 

Malaikat measure your A'mal. 

Before you HINA someone that you'd never knows and see her sins or wrongdoing toward you, 

please look up yourself. 

We find the good and badness about us, and PERBAIKI. 

Then, when you're already prepared with so many PAHALA and ILMU AGAMA, 

continue with your action. 

But not in the way you KUTUK herself, but by the way you advising her. 

One more things, are you willing to hit someone with KATA-KATA KESAT?

Are you willing to keep talking bad things about someone that never care about you?

We're bigger enough.

Thinking outside your mind's box. 

Past is past. because of this matter, 

you'd successfully make me down. 

You're winner. 

I'm the loser, because I can't defend myself. because of  my non-courage in telling the truth.

As long as I can stay patient, I'll. 

But once I'm tired with all of this, I'll reveal everything. 

Sometime we're too respecting the wrong person. 

Sampai kita tak sedar, that person cheating behind us. 

Thank you , dear :)

Semoga awak berhenti bercakap hal yg buruk2 tentang orang lain, dan semoga 
Allah bukakan pintu hati dan mata awak, supaya awak boleh beza mana baik dan buruk.
dan nasihat saya, jgn terlalu menjaga dan mengambil peduli perihal org lain, sehingga kita 
terlupa kekurangan diri sendiri yg tidak tertutup :) Sekali kita menjaga aib org, beribu kali 
Allah menutup keaiban kita. In sha Allah.


A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge