Saturday, February 23, 2013


Holla , everyone :)

Such a beautiful night, today . 

Firstly, I'm in mood sadness and unhappy tonight. 

Really feel lost of something. I don't know what is that.

Okay, let story. Today is my last day, working here and used a tittle of teacher. 

No more after this. And may missing all of the moment as worked here for 4month.

I not expecting that they'd planned a small party for me. 

Sangat terharu okay ? hehe. 

With a cute cake and bucket of KFC , its make me happy and sad at the same time. 

I love to be a teacher and take a look all the kids. 

I'm such a mom. Even for awhile, but the feeling as a mother is not easy to describe. 

Just hoping there have a chance to see my little prince and princess be a soleh and solehah's

son and daughter :')

Please pray for your teacher who furthering her study for the brighter life soon :)

Thank you . T__T

Some pict for you all :')

*** Comment from Zahen's mom about me : "Adah, you r absolutely a great teacher & mother to the kids. Allah knows best. Opportunity to gain knowledge doesnt come to us often & easy. Go for it! You will be in the hearts of the kids always; zahen's for sure  she constantly telling me before she went to sleep that teacher adah is no longer at school bcos teacher g belajar  keep in touch ya. p/s jgn lupa cuba resepi sebelum pegi. bg komen sedap je idak ye."

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge


luqman zakaria said... [Reply to comment]

selalu dengan budak2..nanti mesti rindu dorang..