Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hye. Late entry againnn . Sorry :(

Let my finger dance with their music and typing what comes from my mind. 

There have alot story here, **showing my head. 

Person next to you easy to judge who're you, how bad you're and then describe your personality.

It began from only one mistakes from you, then it will become worst and destroy 

everything you'd on that time.

But I respect a person who can discuss and brainstorming with others to find

the absolutely solution for each problem .

I just wonder what will happen for my degree ?

I've to facing with assignment and test again. 

Mean I've to make friends AGAIN like the first time I be a student in UiTM Jengka.

Then works as a group members, doing everything together, discuss about the task, 

paper presentation and any else. 

The problem now, did I've to be part of them ? Or they should be part of me ?

It's about understanding's matter !

I can't go through with person who play too much and less serious when doing his/her work.

Honestly, I'm discipline person. 

Do my work on time, going to class early, and just enjoying my day on Saturday. 

I don't love in watching movie or any else. 

I'm not interesting with Korean movie or singer. 

I'm not the person who love hang out every week during study. 

That is NOT me. 

I won't be like others. and I just hope I'll be myself until completing my degree :')

Pray hard for my brighter future. :')

I wanna be a successful woman , a solehah's daughter and a good wife for future husband. 

I hope I can ^^,

In sha Allah.

 me and my bro *my idol in study. 

I can't be like him. A good brother, son and the best student since standard school . ^^,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge