Thursday, February 28, 2013


Good Night, everyone :)

Have a blessing today. Alhamdulillah . 

2days more before I be part of Malacca citizens. hihi. 

A tiring day today. 

Woke up in the Morning, then doing housework as usual. 

Then going to taking picture and check up. 

Visiting kindy for awhile . 

And you know what, I just read one post from Zahen's mother. 

I took it as one appreciation from Zahen's parent as I was a teacher at 

kindy, Smart Soleh Puchong.

Honest from me, I didn't expect in getting this kind of appreciation as I'm new in these field.

I just graduated from Diploma in Office Management, and doing part time job as a teacher for 
4 Month, and now struggling in continue my study for degree. 

So this appreciation is something AWESOME for me. 

Actually, Zahen's mother inspiring me to be a successful woman, a good wife and mother one day. 

I don't think this is OVER from me, if I said that I'm starting to admiring Zahen's mother. 

I want be like her. 

My first impression when I saw Zahen's mother for the first time, 

I just said in my heart "Ouhhh, she's so amazing" :)

I can't tell you by word why I'm so respect and marvel her, because when you see 

by yourself, then you will know what I mean it :)

Okay, below is the word from Zahen's mother about me and teachers at Smart Soleh :

I went to pick up the kids from kindy yesterday evening when Teacher MiZs Einacame to me telling me that our Zahen went down with tears missing her teacherNurul Syuhadah Ariadi who is no longer a teacher there as she will be doing her degree. Kids dont lie & express their feelings when they want to. Therefore, we would like to thank teacher Adah & the rest of the teachers at Smart Soleh Puchong for taking good care of the kids. The kids know you all are very sincere in taking care & loving them. Thank you a million Adah!

Zahen with her dad and doing her first homework ^^,

Zahen's sibling, from left Zahen, Naufal and Ubai :)

Wish for Zahen : Teacher heart you so much, Zahen . I just dream about you after 2days I no longer working over there. You know what, you're so cute, and sangat manja . Without you, my day not cheerful like before. I miss you so much, Zahen. Teacher promise will keep in touch with your mother for YOU ! :) Please be a good student, and solehah's daughter. Me LOVE you, Nur Zahen Y__Y

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge