Monday, November 5, 2012

Diari : Aku Seorang Guru (1)

Holla , guys ! I’m back J

Today, little bit tired because 1st time experience being a teacher .

But nice lorhh ^^,

Dtg2 sekolah tadi, adah terus handle parents yg hantar anak dorg .

Then kena siapkan sarapan pagi dorg .

Paling mencabar , bila adah kena suruh dorg senyap bila adah nak bercakap.

Sampai habis suara aw ! Dah la suara adah lunak merdu gitu . HAHA .

But Okey laa . Bila adah ajar students a song with mix English  and Malay,

Alhamdulillah , they are liking the song.

And I’m so impress when they can memorize the song nicely with a short time.

Most of my students can understand when I’m teaching in English,

but they don’t have a courage to give a responds in English too.

But atleast, they able to read and spell basic English word correctly.

Majority of my students are from 3 to 4 years . 

But sometimes I have to handle 5 and 6 years students.

Alamak ! Be carefull with words come out from his/her mouth.

Sometimes illogical question may be asked, but we have to answer

 and give a respond suitable with their age.

Okeyhlaa , adah terlalu penat ni. 

And ade kerja sikit untuk prop students adah. 

Dorg nak konvo 2 weeks more. 

So I need to handle quite heavy responsibility in order to make preparation for them.

Tapi tak ape laa . This is my 1st time. 

And I should be glad when principal give opportunity and chance to me express all the things to make sure

 that I am a good teacher actually.

So, end for today. We meet again tomorrow . Good Night ;) 

With LOVING teacher,

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge