Thursday, December 26, 2013


Tekanan jiwa? tekanan perasaan? 
It's all about pressure and stress !
Don't take it seriously because it just make your day become worst. 
So below, a few way on how to reduce your stress :)

1) Identify your stressor and try to avoid it. 
-  A stressor is a thing or causes that can lead you to stress and unlimited pressure.  So if you can identify your stressor,  try to avoid your stressor as possible as you can. 

2)  Thinking about your strength rather than weaknesses. 
- Over thinking about your weaknesses can make you feel down and useless. So let's think about something given worth to you and something special about you that people do not have. 

3)  Acknowledge a thing that important to you and ignoring something that can disturb your emotion and thinking. 
-  Try to know what will calm and cool down yourself and what will adding your pressure and disturb your emotion.

4)  Do meet up your love such as  meet your parents, friends or family members that can cheer you up. 
-  Persons is the best treatment to reduce your stress.  Sometime you cannot keep your problem personally, you've gather some advice from experience person or loyal listener and good advisor.  So that you can make a good decision for yourself. 

5)  Make a thing or activities that you love most.
- such as baking, cycling, jogging , dancing, shopping ,  watching movie, hanging out or something that able to make you forget about your stress and pressure. 

6) Do what Muslim should do. 
-  Remember Allah through your "Amalan" such as pray , Du'a, Wudu' and Istiqamah. 

Short note: A thing that we should remember, "Everything happened in this world like a cycle, it goes and come back to you at unexpected situation and time"

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge