Monday, August 13, 2012

NEW and OLD !

Patah tumbuh hilang berganti ,
Diganti pula jejaka tampan ,
Kekasih LAMA masih menanti ,
Tapi anda buat-buat TAK PERASAN ! 

# When you show off the new one , how about the old one ? Guess what , I just afraid you will be regret with that kind of person ♥

Yeayyy ! That is my status on Facebook :) Did I'm sarcastic ? Ouhh yeayy ! YUP ! I just wanna make someone touching with that particulars word . Whether you had found the new one of BF , but actually you had hurted the someone , and maybe your EX . He still waiting for you . and did not find the someone else . BUT you ? just only a few months or not yet a month , you already found someone replacing his place . 

Before this , you cry at his shoulder . You ask him to feel together what you had felt . sadness or happiness . But now , you never ask him , did his feel happy ? or still in sadness after you leaved him for the another guy ? This is not the 1st time . You already doing the same action before this ! CURANG ! Can I put that name on you ? 

Just to remind you , the new one will not same with old one . I dunt want you feel of regret one day ! :) Assalammualaikum !

A Loving Heart is The Beginning of All Knowledge